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Akkazeh is a development media project that seeks to support and empower persons with disabilities, by challenging the narratives and stereotypes surrounding them. It also aims to provide development and education services that help them overcome the obstacles in their lives.

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قصة آدم | Adam’s Story

خلف الأبواب المغلقة لمنازل الحي، يعيش بيننا أشخاصٌ ربما التقيناهم/ن صدفةً، وتجنبناهم/ن أحياناً، لكننا لا نعرف الكثير عن تفاصيل حياتهم اليومية، وكيف يتفاعلون مع محيطهم…

Strangers in the pool

Imagine a humid summer day in Lattakia and two friends with disabilities. One of them has paraplegia, and the other is walking with prosthetic parts…